Our objectives are clear.

1) Make beautiful bed frames. Nothing less, nothing more.

2) Offer an elevated sleeping experience with meticulous attention to detail, and with sustainability and craftsmanship in mind.

3) Transfer maximum value to our customer in the shape of fair pricing, supreme quality and dedicated customer service.

4) Minimize our company’s impact on planet earth and take responsibility for our actions in relation to the environment and people around us.



Words are empty without action. So what do we do to achieve our objectives? 

We produce only what is needed — no waste, no inventory of unsold goods, no overproduction and no unethical labor. If an item is not needed, it doesn’t get made.  

We cut out the middleman by only offering our products online and directly to our customers. This means no inflated margins for sales agents, distributors, retailers etc. Our transparent pricing is solely determined by production cost and brand margin. 

We maintain as small an operation as possible which means no warehouse, no office, no permanent storefront and no trade fairs. 

We avoid unnecessary transportation across continents by initially only offering regional sales and shipping within the EU. Expansion into new regions will occur once we have found stable, local manufacturing on new markets.

By selling directly to our end-customers – while focusing on a single product category - we ensure full control over every step of the product journey. With full control comes the ability to say no to unnecessary waste and pollution, but also saying yes to organic and responsible business growth.

Not only do we think this is the right way of doing business in today's world, we also think it is the only way to secure a better and lasting tomorrow.